Welcome to my internet website

        My name is Vladan Gajda and I gradueted in Turnov. My specialization is goldsmith – jeweller.

From end of study I have been interested in designing and producting jewellery in main with czech garnet, but  with other expensive stones too. Design is so traditional and so original. Major part of jewellery is handwork so, though that some models of jewellery (see in catalogue) are low-volume producted  each of them spend several hours in my hands before it is completely done.

        Grinding mills of stones from Turnov region guarantee me that stones imported from them are original czech garnets and either from Turnov region or from Czech highland.

        If you haven´t been interested in beuty of czech garnets, garnets can be without problems changed in sheer  or in other way coloured zircons from firm named Swarovski.

        I´m glad that you spend your time for visit my internet presentation and look at my catalogue. This catalogue is available in printed version too. I can send this catalogue to trade companies which find it good and want it for their other purposes.

        You can visit us in our shop too where we have most of my jewellery in store.


Gajda Vladan

Masarykova 1108

698 01, Veselí nad Moravou

tel : +420 603 276 825

e-mail : vladan@zlatnictvigajdovi.cz